Pre-Owned Yamaha Golf Cart - Electric in Cream

Well maintained and ready to drive out the door! - $3,990 drive away inc. GST

Pre-Owned Yamaha Smiley Electric Cart 1Pre-Owned Yamaha Smiley Electric Cart 2Pre-Owned Yamaha Smiley Electric Cart 3Pre-Owned Yamaha Smiley Electric Cart 4

 Robust, reliable and well looked after 2 seat electric golf cart
+ 48v electric power system
+ Sturdy split screen windshield
+ Golf bag holder in rear of vehicle (2 bags)
+ No warranty on pre-owned or used vehicles




 Pre-Owned Taylor Dunn Tourmaster B-100 in Green

Brand New Battery Set - $6,990 - drive away inc. GST

 Pre-Owned Taylor Dunn 4 Seat in Green 1Pre-Owned Taylor Dunn 4 Seat in Green 2Pre-Owned Taylor Dunn 4 Seat in Green 3Pre-Owned Taylor Dunn 4 Seat in Green 4

Well maintained, versatile and powerful 4 seat electric vehicle
+ Brand new 36v lead acid battery set
+ Flashing amber beacon mounted on pole
+ Rear luggage cage
+ No warranty on pre-owned or used vehicles




Test Drive
Come and test in a relaxed environment or we can come to you.

We welcome any vehicles to be considered for Trade-In.

There is no warranty available for this vehicle.

Vehicle Location

The vehicle is located at our West Gosford head office. 

Please let us know if you would like to inspect and test drive this great vehicle.

Contact our friendly team for more information.





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